Day 104 (of 183) #igniteok (sorry, too many shout outs in this summary for a tweet)

Day 104 (of 183) #igniteok 

Very nice to get an ignite event going in the North Okanagan. Hosted by SD 22 (Vernon) and incorporating those of us in SD 83 (North Okanagan Shuswap) – districts I am proud to have had my kids be students in (having jobs with them has also been rather cool)

Me: anxiety. Yep. Presenting fuller version tomorrow (at a former stomping ground of mine: Kalamalka Secondary) but rest assured that it always connects back to my ongoing & ever evolving “rant on anxiety”:

@mejacobs12 who I taught with once upon a time in Lumby. Loved her talking about being mindful of how students come to school. Be purposeful & consider outdoors, art and inter generational learning to help get kids in the right minds pace to authentically learn!

Dave Hollitz from @sassecondary about the districts Inspired Program: inquiry based learning (and where I hope my son goes next year!) opening slide: creative license for innovation; 1/2 day w 3 teachers all year long (kinda like Grade 9) with students owning the learning. 3 keys: Looks like, Feels like, Sounds like. 

@msmcdteaches (from my school!! @sorrento83 ) talking about her newest passion: math (and she has gotten a lot of kids LOVING math!) Trusting her judgement has been invaluable – building off of understanding basic skills & how this impacts students perceptions of themselves as learners! She gave a nice shoutout to me allowing her to be a risk-taker (awww). 

Eli Pivnick from SD22 shared his experiences in remote aboriginal communities! Focusing on the key things he learned: 

Speak from the heart

Importance of faith, animals (pets) and nature. 

And taking advantage of learning/teachable moments

Paula Lockwood shared her passion for the arts. In fact music is the top of the fine arts food chain (too bad drama teachers!!) great shoutout to @yongzhou and the vitality of the arts – and how there is a demand for creativity! We have moved from agricultural to manufacturing to information and now to a conceptual age. Even Youtuber Stampy earns about 6 million a year (thus why my son asks why we don’t have a YouTube class in school…..?). 

@innovationsnail & @mmarino18 & Don Bennet changed their topic (sidebar: kinda reflects their school!!) reimagine teaching & learning…where would you start? They chose to start with how they wanted learners to exit the school! Student led times thanks to breaking apart “time constraints” – imagine having a concert when kids are ready now when they have to because of a calendar. Best of all….when kids ask “what about…” (Especially off of one-dayers like Maker Day becoming Maker Spaces!)

Good is the enemy of Great….

Ben Louis focused on aboriginal world views: acknowledging the existence of residential schools and considering “where can/should we go?” Outdoors has a huge impact – especially by repeated visits to the same place! From photos to stewardship, they got to be themselves and reflect on who they are. Local connections with acknowledgements of the work elders have provided on their learning journeys!

@mrdancurtis (whose wife I was lucky enough to also work with – and I think he may have toc’d in my classroom once) talked about 3 Rocks: Gratitude. Exercise. Meditation. Sleep (to get it pluralled) and how they have positively impacted his teaching! He keeps getting better and better (his wife has obviously been a good influence!!)

Rachel Romeo focused on collaborative teaching. The focus allows teachers to take risks as outcomes are better able to be achieved by each learned. Differentiation is key (though frustrating and tough at times….sidebar: one size fits all is a great concept, but it rarely is….). Focus of the Grade 8 Academy is to re-engage students into learning. There is a parallel between the engagement and academic achievement/success. Relationships were identified as very important (again, not much of a surprise!)

@donbalcombe closed with “gonna fly now”.  An opening of the Rocky Theme set a high standard – especially identifying himself as a teaching principal (I second that emotion!). Focusing on Anticipatiry Sets using music (break time) that was connected to the theme/topic for science 8: Queens Under Pressure; Otis Reddings Sitting on the dock of the bay; somewheree over the rainbow; optics was MJs Man in the Mirror, study skills: don’t worry be happy, and it’s not easy being green for….the frog dissection ! And Rocky: positive thinking; Under the Sea had 35 different species for biodiversity and Singing in the Rain for Percipitation…..focus on the learning objectives and allowed students to focus on what was happening “in here” (the classroom) when they leave “out there” aka the hallway. And of course Gonna Fly Now (again, Rocky) closed us out!!

Looking forward to the next one!!


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