Day 103 (of 183) gamification of reading recovery? (w a shoutout to @valeriestrauss )

Day 103 (of 183) gamification of reading recovery?



Part of my job as principal-librarian at my school has me doing some literacy intervention for early readers. Fortunately my background has some work with reading recovery (not the formal program, we didn’t have enough hours to complete the formal program) which has been very enjoyable working with students (when there aren’t other interruptions in the day!)



Not surprisingly I have a majority of boys that work with me…but I’m not particularly worried (beyond maintaining an interest in reading, late bloomers are fine: ) part of my experience & bias connects with finland that kids can be introduced to reading later than we in BC….in fact, there was a Washington Post article by @valeriestrauss I stumbled upon tonight as well that had me thinking:



So today, we started adding some gamification into reading (in part, I know it’s what I would’ve liked when I was a kid!) Easy start with a focus on identifying letters and sight words (depending on their reading level) and found an app based on Fruit Ninja (a game where you slice fruit with your finger on a tablet) but in this case the students have to hear the letter/sound/word and slice the RIGHT letter/word – more than one may be on the screen at any one time.



I’m going to do some more thinking and plotting around further “gaming” the reading process to ensure that as we do early reading interventions, that we have fun to maintain interest and enthusiasm in the reading process……you know…make reading fun – that’s what helps create more reading!









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