Day 100 (of 183) Valentine’s Day & similar school distractors

Day 100 (of 183) Valentine’s Day & similar school distractors

Some distractors work better than others. There are many holidays that are celebrated to different degrees…..and likewise distract variably as well. The big ones like Christmas and ‘last day of school’ are well known for being a mixed blessing – time away from a predictable stable environment cuts both ways. 

Smaller ones, such as Valentine’s Day, act as one would expect – divisively. For some, it’s a great holiday – especially if many candy-grams come your way. For others it is very stressful, wondering of any candy grams have your name on it and worrying about what might happen at ‘the dance’. 

Within school communities, culture still trumps all and I still like seeing Valentine’s being handed out to all and small class “parties” being used to model how to use these times as positive distractors. Be inclusive. Be kind. And within our school we used the term love to connect with “respect” as we work though revising our school code of conduct – knowing that to love & respect others we first have to love and respect ourselves. And that helps us influence our school community in a positive way. 

And as we go through ‘that time of year’ it’s good to have distractions that encourage positive thinking – for self and others. A few weeks ago one of our CEAs in school led the Great Kindness Challenge – and this week #bcedchat has been encouraging Random Acts of Kindness. All good distractions as we prepare for the promise of spring and warmer weather…..while still living in snow mixed with rain (inside days are slowly becoming Pokemon days in my library!). 

And of course, if we look for them, we can always find positive distractions – 100 day is coming up for primaries, St Patrick’s Day will help us move into spring break, and before we know it we are into the rush of Aprilmayjune – because time flies – especially if we’re having fun and making a difference. 

Distractors aren’t always bad things – they help us reset/jiggle our brains and help us from getting stuck on any one thing for too long. Just need to be wary that we don’t have so many distractors that we get pulled away from our main focus…..such as my family did for our annual Valentine’s Day photo – heart shaped pizza over many many years because some traditions just get better!



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