Day 99 (of 183) readification – aka (new word I learned) tsundoku – via @MatthewOldridge & plugs for books by @gcouros & @TheWeirdTeacher

Day 99 (of 183) readification – aka (new word I learned) tsundoku – via @MatthewOldridge

I like reading. Over my years I have worked with English 12 students all the way to kindergartens (and even pre-schoolers) to engage a love of learning, both as a classroom teacher and as a principal/teacher-librarian. But today I learned that I may also be suffering from tsundoku.



Tusundoku, as shared by @MatthewOldridge is the act of leaving a book unread after buying it.



And I confess I am guilty as well. I have a stack of books beside my bed that continues to grow. Even my iPad feels heavier as more ebooks get added to my “got to get to” list. There’s a lot of great readings to be read. There are even more recommendations that I get recommended to me. And I love it when books get written by people in my #PLN – led to some great chats with author/tweeters like @gcouros and @TheWeirdTeacher :

@gcouros has a “top 100 book on” about The Innovators Mindset (  and Douglas Robertson has a classroom that is very similar to the ones I have worked with as can be seen in He’s The Weird Teacher ( )  These are books that managed to distract me from my shift in reading…..



But it doesn’t mean I’m not reading. It just means that my priorities have apparently shifted.  I’m reading more non-fiction than fiction (though I still get to click on a lot of books on those Facebook polls asking “have you read ____ list”). I’m also finding myself gravitating to more blogs (real time non-fiction in particular to learn what other educators are up to on a daily/weekly/monthly/when-they-feel-like-it basis…..rather than waiting and hoping that they publish their thinkings & doings (you know, in all their spare time!).



Tsundoku – an interesting word, and a reassuring one in that there is still a lot of the written word wanting to be read. The next focus is finding the time to “get caught up’!

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