Day 98 (of 183) careful what you ask for -you might get it aka shared leadership

Day 98 (of 183) careful what you ask for -you might get it aka shared leadership​

I love it when my staff starts “I wish we could…..” Because it so often leads to some great thinking. 

A few years ago, our language teacher made a similar comment that led us to explore multi grade ‘families of learners’ that focused on similar learning styles rather than age groups. Worked well (had some challenges naturally) as it had full support and ownership of the entire staff – we knew we had to do something different….

And this year one of our ceas (certified education assistants) started my favourite sentence…wishing we could do something different to support some of our learners who were having tough times as the afternoons went by. Thinking outside the box we repurposed our school supports to provide a different approach to our school. 

Thus ‘the Wolfpack’ got started (and coincidental since the earlier schools mascot was the wolves). And the implementation dip that always comes with something new – but also the smiles of learners connecting with what they are doing. And what they are doing is working on work that may not have been completable earlier in the day; working on some strategies to add to their toolbox to be successful more frequently; and identify their strengths to help their independence grow. 

And neatest of all was seeing that they are claiming ownership of their area:


Can’t wait to see what happens next from the great minds that make up our learning community!


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