Day 94 (of 183) Global School Play Day @GSPlayDay #gspd2016

Day 94 (of 183) Global School Play Day @GSPlayDay #gspd2016



Today was a “good reminder” day. Maybe that should be a great reminder….about the importance of Play. We talk some good talk about ‘learning through play” but there is always more that can be done. So when aka @GSPlayDay got started by @scotteach and his brother @tbed63 aka @bedleybros along with the help of the committee made up of @schink10 @mistynorman12 @brentcoley @ecsaibel @bethanchaffin to raise the importance of play.



Of course there are some who figure play doesn’t have much value except for being a cure for boredom (personally, being ‘bored’ is one of my goals and I’ve even tried creating “boredom breaks” to allow the brain to just process stuff). Personally, I see PLAY being a strong connector between imagination and creativity. And those who do “play” right, know there is so much more:



  • physical activity
  • practicing fine and gross motor function
  • being creative
  • learning new ways
  • making mistakes and fixing them
  • making decisions – both good and ones we wish we could change….and sometimes then change them
  • how to solve problems
  • make decisions for myself
  • see what it is liked to be intrinsically motivated
  • helps become adaptable
  • process emotions (especially when things don’t go the anticipated way)
  • discover new stuff
  • challenge self
  • be healthy
  • work on social inclusion
  • explore gender equity
  • internalize experiences (reflect even!)


Play also helps the brain – play to be mindful as it:

  • raises empathy
  • improves decision making
  • keeps attention and focus sharp
  • increases the speed of learning
  • enables imagination & creativity synapses
  • raises engagement
  • promotes motivation
  • helps the brain practice being brave


Why do I promote my learning community to take part in Global School Play Day? To show that I support all of these elements of play-based learning. That playing is a powerful learning tool. That free-play during gym time can cover all learning outcomes at once. That free play opportunities may not always exist at home, and it is important to have time to play.


Don’t forget to play – it’s the best exercise for the brain!


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