Day 83 (of 183) sometime the things the meeting

Day 83 (of 183) sometime the things the meeting

Every once in awhile it can feel like meeting overload….


But some meeting are actually important. Not including the informal meetings I experienced today, here were the meetings and the key thing about them that gave them value:

School Based Team – we have weekly meeting to talk about students who require met support than “the typical kid”. Sometimes these are brief interventions due to separation or loss, sometimes they are due to new information (or new students!) arriving. But they always epitomize the importance of our school working as a team; principal-Librarian, counsellor (1 day/week), learning resource teacher (1 day/week) then classroom teacher – or teachers depending on if previous teachers can provide some support; occasionally parents and our education assistants as well. Important because these are times when a larger group gets to focus on specific students. 

Budget Advosory Committee – some committees have lots of interest to be involved….this isn’t usually one of them….and in fairness it may be due to it being a new committee for the district (or it may be that the theme of closing schools isn’t a popular one!) but these committees offer opportunities for different groups to meet together – principals, teachers, support staff, parents, central staff (and many different departments) all had a presence to work with trustees on how to open conversations about cost savings in a district with declining enrolment – not always positive or easy thinkings, but I do like some complex thinking once in awhile!

Town Hall Meeting – part of our district vision of sharing our story (being a district with a population decline and what that may mean) has led our district to hold open houses in the secondary soils in each of our greater learning communities. Not to just look at the community issues, but to see the inter-connection between our larger learning community. An ambitious forum to have voices from throughout our communities (staff, parents and wider community – everyone was invited to share their thoughts). One more to go later this week!

It was a microcosm day to see the different layers of our learning establishment: school level, district and broad region. And the actions in one part of our learning community impact and influence the entire system.  (Book connection to something I read a few years ago: ) And those actions always start and end with one focus: our learners – the key to our organization. 


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