New Years Resolution Blog (of 183) Every. Damn. Day.

New Years Resolution Blog (of 183) Every. Damn. Day.
Miracle. Duchenne. My pink lady. My bus girl.


These are names that keep me focused. These are names of learners who have either passed already or have greatly reduced life span expectations.

My bus girl was confined to a wheel chair. Always had been. My job at the time was ‘district principal of transportation’ and there was ‘an issue’ of how to transport her. The bus people had one idea, she had another and ‘the law’ is rather vague on it. The distractor was that it was about a safety harness, the true issue was that she wanted to ride with dignity. So my colleague in charge of student services intervened, and I’ll revert to his reflection of our meeting: you (me) changed in front of me. Gone was the principal of our school district and instead there was a guy who made the issue – her issue- the most important thing for that moment.

My bus girl almost made it to graduation. But she got to school every dam day with dignity and ownership of her situation.

My pink lady had a heart condition that we were unaware of – until we became all too well aware of it. Want to know one of the hardest moments: to get a phone call that a primary student passed unexpectedly without warning signs or any idea that something was up. Because I reflected a LOT if there was something I missed. Some sign that her heart was giving us – the same reflections I do every dam day since my father passed of a heart attack way too young. But my pink lady reminded me that there are some things we just can’t expect. But her family and our learning community was amazing as we celebrated her life. It was a reminder that we can never really be sure what to expect any dam day.

Duchene is a friends son – it’s not his name, it is that he was diagnosed with a hideous disease that has him with a greatly reduced lifespan expectancy. But he loves to learn! Miracle is one of my current students. She’s been in and out of more hospitals than anyone should. But as she has joined our learning community she brings a sense of calm and wonder to her classroom. Both students remind me that school needs to be fun – not party-time entertainment, but meaningful & relevant to bring out intrinsic satisfaction in learning. Both these learners remind me that schooling should maintain a sense of wonder, curiosity and excitement in all learners. And we can….every. dam. day.

I can’t help but smile whenever I see these students. They could be (should be) doing any number of other things – but they choose to learn. They want to be at school. But their goal is not necessarily to ‘go on to college etc’. It’s different…every dam day is different

My resolution is to mindful in what I/we do with all of our learners – because…….every. damn. day. should be just as special as each of our learners is.

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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