Bonus blog (of 183) “the kids don’t know, but…” But they do….

Bonus blog (of 183) “the kids don’t know, but…” But they do….
Sometimes the school is the last to know. I remember talking to a mom once about her boy who seemed to be trying his darnedest to get suspended, and then learning that four days ago his grandfather (whom he was close with) passed away. Things we need to know so we can work with our students in a way that actually supports them!

Then there are things we get to know ‘first’…

Don’t tell the kids, but after the holidays our family…….

The kids don’t know but ……

The tricky part is that they do know. Whether it’s a “secret” smoking habit (I only smoke outside and after they’ve gone to bed – at least I usually do) or a loss of a job (parents suddenly being able to volunteer their time in a classroom at calendar times when they are usually off at work) or a possible/looming “change in family dynamics”, the kids do know…although sometimes we wish they didn’t. 

It’s why it’s useful to have a trusting relationship between families and schools – so we can work together – through the good stuff and tough stuff. Coming to the principals office is (should be) a different experience than the stereotypical visit shown in movies – it’s not about getting into trouble, it’s about solving problems. 

It can be embarrassing. It’s usually a tad emotional. Okay…..a lot emotional. Especially when everyone learns that whatever it is, it’s not a surprise to the kids. 


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