Day 71 (of 184) everything I need to know about education I learned through Star Wars 

Day 71 (of 184) everything I need to know about education I learned through Star Wars 
There is no try. Do or do not. 
Failure is expected on the pathway to mastery – it’s how you react that is important. 
Embracing anger takes you down a dark path. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. 
Why start with episode IV? Because each year we are starting midway though a learning journey. ps the proper viewing of the series is IV, V, (then I, II, and III as a flashback) VI
Why is Boba Fett so popular? Because with some you know there’s s LOT more below the surface. 
Having a good mentor is important. The right mentor is invaluable – even if they’re not always with you. 
We all know a Jar Jar Binks. But is what you think you know the whole story?
When things see, too good to be true…..there’s usually something else at work or a lot more to the story. 
When you have a bad feeling about this – listen to your body cues. 
It’s not a weakness to rely on friends and allies. 
All things are true….from a particular point of view (thus right vs right arguments)
When 900 years old you reach….that’s when you probably know enough!
And it is truly inspiring to see how Star Wars leads to many other connections – the least of which being Dwecks Mindsets






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