Day 69 (of 183) on numeracy – the other literacy!

Day 69 (of 183) numeracy – the other literacy!

Page 83 odd numbers. Tomorrow will be even numbers. 

There’s only one right answer. 

Just memorized it. 

Shhh no talking. 

Pretty common to hear these in one subject area but not others. 

We do a good job of differentiating with reading and writing. But numeracy still has a reputation of being hard & factual. When really numbers aren’t as precise as we would like to think – even if counting apples, not all apples are the same – gala vs delicious vs granny. 

Unfortunately the number of math-passionate teachers entering early years is few. Too often it is educators who find out how beautiful of a literacy numeracy can be when we revisit it. 

Mathing is not about memorizing one algorithm and repeating it. 
Math has a lot of patterning in it. Humans are good pattern finders. Better at seeing and finding patterns than memorizing flash cards (though I’ll admit for some flash cards for numbers and equations can mimic sight word reinforcement)  
Math is more than right or wrong – there really are many shades of gray – especially in looking at the strategies that can be applied – and confessing that the one approach you may be evaluating may not be the one being used…..sometimes it’s not just about getting to a right answer (well – unless it’s a multiple choice test…..huge flaws in those though – too many to rant about now!)

I’m really happy to see more teachers taking the same approach to math that they are to other literature. Allowing more group time, discussion time, exploration time, opportunities to play with numbers. 
I like it when math classes are loud. 
I like it when learners are helping each other. 
I like it when it’s not just about ‘how they do on a test’. 

I love to see the evolution of numerical literacy in my school and throughout our province as we understand math to be more than how many questions you got right divided by blah blah blah = % because the more I learn about the numbers, the more exact the percentage the less certain I am of its accuracy!!

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