Day 66 (of 183) #hourofcode = fun filled frustration Friday

Day 66 (of 183) #hourofcode = fun filled frustration Friday​
Our mantra was that we will have fun ✔️ 

We will be frustrated (by design) ✔️

We will want to do more! ✔️✔️✔️
I’m really glad that #hourofcode was encouraged for this week. It helped me push a rethink of the library – soon to be more appropriately designated a learning commons – a place for thinking more than exchanging books. 
We accessed some neat thinking programs via

Apps included 






A variety of Snap Circuits and MakeyMakeys (uber cool)

Some thinking card games ranging from math problem solving to Brain Cramps. 
And of course an entry to robotics via BB8
All week long we’ve seen the true nature of coding: it’s the thinking and collaboration that the “shiny devices” enable. 
And the ‘noooos’ when the timer went to change stations. Because of the time limits some stations could not possibly be completed and I wanted to see how we cope with that frustration
The ‘yes!s’ at certain stations showed me that even though I doubted they could complete certain tasks in the allowed time, they could!
And how for some the time couldn’t go fast enough in one station and at another the time flew by  (I promise the timer was always the same!)  Fun was part of the learning process – even when success didn’t come right away!
There’s a reason I have ‘techno’ in my Twitter handle. I have seen and used tech extensively as the great equalizer – otherwise known as differentiation. And with coding – gender ain’t a separator – looking forward to seeing some of these girls as future engineers!

Big thanks to so many supporters as we become #hourSofcode

Next week: freestyle coding!


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