Day 65 (of 183) talkin’ ’bout kids

Day 65 (of 183) talkin’ ’bout kids

Two perspective of thinking from today when I got to spend a lot of times talking about kids. 
Today was a day set aside to talk with each teacher about our schools ‘vulnerabilities’. Essentially touching base to make sure that what teachers see & feel & know in the classroom is the same as what I see & feel & know in the principals office. Usually we’re in synch…..but usually isn’t always. 
As a district we take this pause to compare notes on inter-ministerial involvement, mental wellness, attendance, food concerns, physical fitness and core academic abilities. Not really any surprises which was nice. There is a reason why self regulation is our learning communities #1 goal. 
Not always fun conversations but always valuable to talk about new-to-us students and look for both positive and negative “changes to  baselines” (threat assessment talk for ‘how they typically have been). Highlight was seeing how well each teacher knows their learners. Reassuring to see how much care and thinking they do for each child. 
Which links to my ‘dad’ perspective as my youngest daughter finished her last Christmas concert at an elementary school. Middle school is next and middle school is different. But still neat talking with other parents about our kids (even seeing one of my ceas watching her granddaughter) and reflecting with them on how much they have done – both in and out of school.  
And then another conversation with a teacher – my daughters teacher for past two years who always asks about my son who he taught as well. Not surface chats – but an awareness that he is in tune with each member of his classroom learning community.  

Not a parent – teacher interview. But a rich conversation about students and the learning that is going on throughout the year – not just unit by unit or activity by activity (and I could go into another long description on a class sharing their complex machines with the rest of the school today as well). 
It’s something that our new director of instruction has made central to this years PVP meetings – setting aside time to talk about kids. Either successes or ‘not-yets’ – not as a brag session or a ‘help-me’ session, though it easily could be – but as a reminder that there is great value in talkin’ ’bout kids. 


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