Day 64 (of 183) just some midweek thoughts

Day 64 (of 183) just some midweek thoughts


via twitter, I am finding some mid-week inspiration via #sblchat (6pm pst) with some amazing pushes of my thinking and #weirded (7pm pst) with some very creative thinkings being shared. Made me reflect on a couple of topics that seem to keep coming up:



Halfway through the week and halfway through getting my school through out #hourofcode centers. This week is the one/station exploration = next week we get more time to explore “key” centers (even had our district vp of trades&careers send me another snap circuit kid via school mail today!)


It’s been cool “sharing stories” about how coding impacts the learning environment. I’ll be honest – at times it’s felt a little too quiet and the timer seems to go off a little too quickly to ‘change stations’! But group after group I see the same thing – kids helping kids. As I have seen time and time again as I push “technologization” (blending technology and curriculum and education) I see the same things – worries about distractions, but authentic engagement and collaboration – students helping the ones behind them in the rotation build off what they started/learned when they were at the station. A true community of learning!



Should an assignment be done if it’s not worth anything?


This was the question that came up from my daughter. She had a printout of her assignments (she misses some because of leadership & athletic & music commitments) and she noticed that whether or not she completed a specific task, it wouldn’t impact her overall mark – using the math she could see that whether she got a 0 or a perfect score, it would not change her overall % at all.




To do or not to do – that is the question!


She is very intrinsically motivated so if she thinks there is value, she will complete it – I’ve done a lot of work “influencing” the family that learning is a lot more and a lot different than just collecting letter grades. That being said, she still likes to show to herself that she put forth her best effort – be it at a band concert, on the basketball court or in a classroom.






Putting on finishing touches and getting ready for our schools “christmas around the world” with the finale of 6 White Boomers as we bid g’day to one of our teachers who is off to the Great Barrier Reef on a teacher exchange with an Aussie coming north. Mixed emotions as we are all so excited for her and her family but sad that they’ll be an asynchronous part of our learning community (I miss her kids already!!)


And… my youngest daughter has her final K-5 concert coming up tomorrow. A decade of attending concerts as a father – and whether they have been elaborate or minimal – they’ve all been unique. And as an educator, I have been in schools which have been over the top (Mt Crumpet to scale) to where I’ve been in charge (video taped the acting parts!) to minimal transitions (couple of songs with lyrics helping to increase the volume of voices). It’s not a competition – it’s an experience.


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