Day 62 (of 183) day one of #hourofcode

Day 62 (of 183) day one of #hourofcode


This years plot: to use the week of December 7-11, the official week of “hour of code” to start a tech-revolution. To see that tech is more than just screens…perhaps it’s about a little bit more (sorry – just saw the Grinch tonight)


The methodology: enough centers this first week to explore up to 30 different ways to code. To spend two minutes at a station to explore what it might be about.

To then “whittle it down” and next week have half as many centers to allow more time to go to some and spend some meaningful time. To have time to think about which ones they liked and which didn’t ‘click’ (and after day one, it was a definite cross section of ‘favourites’)

For next week (our concert week) to have a variety of coding stations available for students to spend some more time at….and then….who knows!



Day one included a ‘bump’ in our schedule – one class expected in the afternoon had to be bumped to tomorrow because of another presentation showing up!  Our focus was our grade 3 students – and they helped me identify which of our stations would be most appropriate for tomorrows kindergarten visit.


Interesting: was how nervous some were to ‘try without guidance’. Definitely pushing the comfort level of some students to ‘explore’ and make some mistakes. We discussed that with less than 2 minutes per station, it would be very difficult to fully accomplish any (though many did manage to help guide BB8 to a cave to hide from a scary stuffy!)


A mix of screens and no-electricity stations – the students seemed to have a good time and definitely gave me some good feedback on what next weeks “second hour of code” will look like!

Round One:

grade 3.png


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