Day 61 (of 183) the end of the day and the end of 2015

Day 61 (of 183) the end of the day and the end of 2015

Finding more and more pressures landing on the office this time of year. Both literally (after lunch) and metaphorically (hap-hap-happiest season of all). 

The stereotype: end of the day and kids are happy to go home. 
The reality: more and more students are de-regulating as they mentally prepare for what may (or may not) happen when they get home. 
The takeaway: transitions are hard and as much as sometimes we anticipate the cool down to be when the busses roll out….sometimes that is the hardest transition of all. 

The stereotype: the Christmas/Winter holiday is fantastic and a welcome break full of family cheer. 
The reality: in more communities than not that I have worked on (so maybe it’s me) winter break is too long and not full of fun. Worse case scenario was when gifts were opened, played with and then returned. Sigh. 
The takeaway: the end of the calendar year isn’t easy. The program my son is in is transitioning to a new location so his break is extended. Part of him goes ‘yes!’ Until he realizes (and acknowledges) that the return trip ain’t easy. More so in our family – a lot of travel is being planned. What was thought to be our first ‘no travel season’ has evolved into seeing family that we haven’t seen in over a year and others that are usually further south for the season, but not this ear. Just because it’s two weeks away from school doesn’t mean things ‘slow down’. 

In other words: some transitions are easier for some than others and there is no ‘one best’ transition time. 
Be mindful that just because we say “happy holidays” doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee. 


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