Day 59 (of 183) the student athlete with thanks to @jonnycornish & @basketballbc

Day 59 (of 183) the student athlete with thanks to @jonnycornish


Today one of my former students @jonnycornish retired from the CFL. Yes this is another marker of getting older (sigh). Likewise seeing another one of my former students coaching a junior girls basketball team tonight for @basketballbc (and trying NOT to do the math to figure out when she graduated…). The third connection was my oldest girl starting on the opposing team of my former student.



It is amazing to see the range of connections that being a student athlete can ignite. I have coached a variety of sports and levels – from toddler soccer to provincial championship football – with great moments at each and every level and several in between (such as my oldest girl being the ‘official mascot’ of a schools first senior girls basketball team).



I still love sharing stories of student athletes – Jon, best known as a running back, but when we had him play nose tackle…. I love seeing students who I have worked with continue to stay connected to school sports as a coach…and being able to relate with them at a previous level then when I last saw them in grade 6….and starting some new stories with my daughter and her friends (and their parents) as we our girls improve year by year and week by week.



The student athlete is neat. It’s not easy committing to  ongoing extra learning – following personal passions; entering into competitions that have distinct winners and losers; getting descriptive formative feedback (sometimes a little louder than normal 😉 practicing hard and knowing that while it might lead to being able to perform (play) there’s no guarantee that trying hard leads to a desired performance. But it’s something that the student athlete knows and accepts before the whistle blows.



The highs are immeasurable. The lows are hard to appreciate…unless you’ve been there. I’m very proud of my daughter and her entry into the ranks of student athletes. I’m happy that her coach would prefer not to have parent-coaches (I may get a little biased occasion) but still appreciate my help as a teacher-sponsor and “stat-boy” (yep – there’s an app for that!)


But the bonus tonight was when my former student/coach of the opposing team said how impressed she was with my daughter; that she was hard to defend against and fun to watch.


That was a pretty neat bonus to end a day when I was doing a lot of thinking about the former student-athletes I have worked with. Can’t wait to see what the next student-athlete story will be!


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