Day 49 (of 183) at the end of the day peer learning is best @bcsups

Day 49 (of 183) at the end of the day peer learning is best
No…Literally. At the end of the day, I was about to help a grade one girl who was struggling with getting everything into her backpack. 

I knew what the problem was. I had been there before. 

But I reminded myself of the power of wait time – essentially what seems an eternity to those of us who know the solution is really not long at all in ‘real time’. 
And in my waiting, I noticed her enter her zone of frustration (the rest of the class was waiting for her) and she adapted her plan to ‘just carry her library book outside of the backpack’ (I think she said this out loud to hear what I as principal-librarian would say or do…) 
I also noticed another girl come up to her with some words of advice – that she thought they could get everything in the backpack. But she didn’t do it for her. She showed her how she packed her pack and showed how if her lunch kit was a little more vertical than horizontal (my words not theirs) it allows the library book to fit right up next to the back part of the bag (their words). 
And sure enough… worked. One girl learned a trick to organize her backpack and I got to see a future superintendent practice her craft. 

I say that last line because today I am off to our BCSSA fall conference – a chance to learn with some of my educational peers. Teachers principals teachers trustees parents – all trying to do what the girls so nicely illustrated – help each other learn to do different/better/easier. Looking forward to seeing who helps me better organize my backpack!


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