Day 38 (of 183) the masks we wear

Day 38 (of 183) the masks we wear​
Halloween often makes me think of the different costumes – or masks – that educators frequently wear. Sometimes by accident or situational, sometimes by design. My father was a principal who wore a shirt and tie almost every day to school – but not always if he was doing interviews – those were the times he would (sometimes) go casual, once even interviewing in overalls because he was doing yard work….but really it was to show the contrasts of our community – his interview partner was in a jacket & ties but he wanted to see how prospective teachers would react with the contrasting visual. 

Too often educators have to wear a series of masks. Caring parent; structured teacher, empathic counsellor, first aid attendant, broker of peace, tech support, phone support etc etc
Educators have many chances throughout the day to reinvent themselves and have an impact on their community. But sometimes we have to be careful about the masks we hide behind. 
How many educators came to work today after a tough weekend, but are “putting on a brave face”

How many lost sleep thinking about students but are hoping a jolt of coffee will help them through the grind?

Who had a set of plans to get through today but have had those plans change because an individual student needs you to be a ________?
I like Halloween because it allows us an opportunity to hide (while revealing a bit of our true selves). Have you noticed that when we wear costumes, sometimes it’s easier to act ‘differen’?  Do we take on the behaviours of the costume or does the costume/mask enable us to relax and show who we truly are (sometimes scary more often very cool) – a question better left to the people with more education on psychology than I have! 
I like Movember because it enables another “mask opportunity” – facial hair to support men’s health issues (physical and mental). But also a mask that enables some/many of us to talk about subjects we may not always feel comfortable about (anxiety depression C-word etc). 
I like the opportunities we have to show and share the different sides of what an educator is. More than just a guide on a learning journey …. much more….and I like the opportunities people have to “hide” behind the various masks, because the more we hide, the more we inadvertently “show”. 


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