Day 36 (of 183) full moons, Halloween , and other distractions

Day 36 (of 183) full moons, Halloween , and other distractions​
Facebook hasn’t helped this week:


So of course some questions are asked. Does Halloween cause a bit of school “craziness”? Or is it the shift in the weather and the darker mornings and earlier evenings? Is there a connection to the upcoming daylight savings time change?
Does the full moon make people a little crazier? Does it have a gravitational pull on the water that makes up 60% of the human body? Or does the bright moon make it a little harder to get a good (dark) night sleep? 
Or are the stories around that give us the warning that things are going to be rough making us more aware of any and all behaviours – heightening even the ones that could/should be ignored?
Full moons are cool. And while it’s been an exhausting week – it’s more because of the late nights I’ve been having (not scheduled by the moon). But I’m also aware of the big moon staring at me on my morning commute so of course any and all ‘quirks’ that occur at our school have an automatic connection with “a full moon”. 
And much like so many other behaviours, these can be distractions to the bigger issues. Colder weather and no jackets…more pressure on breakfast & lunch needs…more inside time…family stresses that aren’t easily shared. It would be nice if the moon were to blame for changes in behaviours – unfortunately most of the factors ain’t lunar related. The moon is a distraction. A pretty one, but a distraction nonetheless. Stay focused and enjoy Halloween highjinks!!

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