Day 35 (of 183) who I think I am (personal growth plan share)

Day 35 (of 183) who I think I am (personal growth plan share)

Each year I like to set some goals for myself. Over the past few years they have shifted away from the themes of 21st Century Learning (aka Competencies), Assessment For Learning (key focus was/remains descriptive feedback), Differentiation (I think everybody gets the importance of this) and Personalized Learning (aka GeniusHour, SOLEs, etc) and moved more towards Anxiety/Self Regulation, Communication (which actually is an umbrella for much of the goals I have previously focused on) and a new one this year: technologizing the library into a learning commons.

A colleague recently spent some time challenging himself: Am I who I think I am – Do Others view me as I think/hope I am viewed.

Deep tough self reflection. But matches who I see him as: an educational leader with one eye on the past to see where we have come from and another clearly focused on where we need to get to.

My growth plan is designed for me to think about what I think is important. Our school work on eportfolios in many ways reflects what I do on my own eportfolio (aka blog) – shows my learning journey….in other words focuses on communication. Is it easy to be vulnerable and share? Absolutely not – in other words it helps me model self regulation and anxiety awareness. And my return to the work of a school librarian is helping me look at the larger structure of a school building and getting me to think & rethink about ‘space’.

Best of all, the goal template helps me stay focused on what it is that I am feeling is important at this particular location and in this particular time. And if it changes…that’s only a few keystrokes of changes that are needed!

Our district has a template that is pretty straightforward:

Landy Growth Plan 1516

In case it is hard to read:

Growth Goal(s): What will you work towards this school year? (School, District, Provincial, personal)

  1. Enhancing technologization via a learning commons approach to supporting learning community
  2. Continue to work on increasing awareness of anxiety in education
  3. Communication spectrum; how do I (as an individual) communicate what I and doing/thinking/plotting; how do I (as part of a school & district) communicate ‘our’ message; how do I (as part of a provincial organization) help all of us communicate & network better

Strategies you will implement to support your goals: What will you do to meet your goal? What is your action plan?

Goal 1

  • Begin work on further TL work that will lead to enhancing the learning space and creating a space designed for ongoing use in the evolution of library spaces

Goal 2

  • Present on Anxiety
  • Continue to share strategies and stories of my own continued ‘better understanding’ of how anxiety “feels” (more complex than I thought, and I thought I had a decent understanding)

Goal 3

  • Starting with a new role on our provincial BCPVPA Communications committee.
  • co-moderator of #bcedchat & hopefully starting a #bcpvpa & #83learns chat
  • daily blog; eportfolios; weekly periscope

Rationale: Why have you chosen this goal? (Include results of self assessment or feedback initiatives.)

Goal 1

Returning to the role of Teacher Librarian (TL), or more accurately Principal Librarian (PL) I am looking forward to shifting the perception of libraries in schools and help model what I see as the mission for TL work

Goal 2

Anxiety remains the biggest unfunded liability to our school system; many are aware-ish but still struggle with the reality – and more are emerging each week

Goal 3

Communication is key in education – and never before have more educators been able to link up as easily and regularly. Using twitter, blogs, periscope etc should help make “our job” more visible and understood and collaborative

Support Network: Who will help? #PLN continues to grow and expand via asynchronies & F2F conversations & collaborations

Assessment:  How will you know you have reached your goal?  How will you measure your success?

Goal 1

  • So far (Oct 15) I have connected with our school districts ‘librarian guru’ to start some thinking & help me relearn some shortcuts

Goal 2

  • So far (Oct 15) I have presented on anxiety at: Ignite35,

Goal 3

  • So far (Oct 15) I have presented on communication methodologies (ShortCourse); joined moderation group for #bcedchat & preparing more for #bcpvpa

About technolandy

Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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