Day 29 (of 183) a thought on video games

Day 29 (of 183) a thought on video games

As Christmas (and birthdays) approach and I’m starting to see my kids eye up some new games (esp the new Zelda, MarioMaker, Skylanders and few others) I was doing some thinking about video games –

educational tools vs toys? Why is it that when I lost in the video game Carmen SanDiego I was willing to try again, but I wasn’t so enthusiastic about re-doing a geography worksheet? Yet I learned a lot about world geography via gameplay (and a lot about patience and what to do when you make a mistake) Does timely feedback play a role? (little bit of a rhetorical question there) What about ‘multiple lives’ to learn via errors? When students “mess up” an assignment/test/project is it ‘game over’ or is it an opportunity to hit the ‘restart’ button (and allow a different methodology to be tried). There’s a lot we can learn via “toys” like video games – especially around the competencies of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration – I see it daily via my kids – kinda makes me wish I coulda brought my atari to school when I was a kid….

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