Day 28 (of 183) First world problems with thanks to @spencer2thewest

Day 28 (of 183) First world problems with thanks to @spencer2thewest
An attempted insult was once hurled at me: “you just want a world with a Starbucks on every corner” – they were attempting to critique commercialism…but I concurred. “I would love it if everybody’s biggest morning issue was whether or not they had time to stop for a flat white (take the time – it is deliciously worth it)”. Sadly that is not the reality for the vast majority of our planet. 
Today our school participated in a water walk. It is meant to enable some hands on empathy for the many people who have to walk to get their daily water. It’s a start. About a kilometre down (and up) to our fresh water lake – someone commented “I wouldn’t drink out of there” but it is a lot cleaner than the pond my youngest daughter went to on her walk (easier walk, grosser water). First world problems. 
Our speaker today, Spencer West helped model that challenges can be overcome. It takes people to take that first brave step. An ideologies he has lived as he has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and done water walks between cities.

It takes courage to take that first step. I’m ne persons Kilimanjaro may be another’s ‘going into a classroom’ or anothers ‘search for food’. As for me…

I’m proud that my oldest daughter took a step with @metowe last spring and went to rural China to work with the villagers to build a goat shed. Really the ‘shed’ is bigger than most schools. But for a girl who is nervous to order her own meal….
I’m proud that son takes a first step each day to overcome his generalized anxiety. 
I’m proud that my youngest daughter was willing to go on the radio today to talk about her water walk experience. 
Each day, we have a lot of first steps. And whether it is a step for fresh water or overcoming personal challenged. And I’m hoping to see more countries and people experience “first world problems” like I have today:
-debating educational assessment (not whether or not there should be education)

-who to vote for in our federal election (first time undecided right to the last minute) but not scared to vote and not thinking the votes have already been counted. 

-hoping that my hockey pool players start producing some points for me (not wondering about violent attacks on my community)

-how to help create a global empathy – like the pool that was containing our water walk contents – that many were disappointed to see that despite 300 kids carrying water a kilometre didn’t even equal to average total average family daily use…..

First world problems.  At the end of the day – they are nice problems to have. 

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