Day 15 (of 184) consequences or reinforcements

Day 15 (of 184) consequences or reinforcements

My weekly wonder is around “consequences” as it came up a couple times today as both a parent and a colleague brought up some interesting connecting questions:
Their Qs (summarized)

If a student has been suspended for a rule violation (ie theft) and on the first day back repeats essentially the same “crime” – what should be the next step?
If a child is exhibiting angst (screaming et al) how do we support a parent who is frustrated yet already has a handle on what the issue is (that she wants dealt with) versus the presentation of ‘a kid in crisis’ that she is ‘willing’ (hurts her heart but…) to ignore because she doesn’t want behaviour to deflect from the issue that the child does not want shared between school and home. 
My wonder: when students are suspended for being late or skipping school – is a lesson being learned or being reinforced. when a student working through a mental wellness issue such as anxiety, what happens when the “behaviours” distract from the underlying root cause and have those behaviours become the focus issue? how do we make a consequence appropriate when the underlying cause is organic in nature and not because of the environment that could be changed….?


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