Day 13 (of 183) on fire thanks to @ignite35

Day 13 (of 183) on fire thanks to @ignite35

12:30 hop into the car and review my presentation to share with @ignite35 in Langley (and a big thank you to the Langley School District for supporting this professional development/learning model)
1:00 stop at Haldane Elementary to welcome a colleague from my Prince George days to the lower half of the province (and drop off a file of a student who moved into that school catchment area)
2:00 start to panic because of some of the construction and end-of-season holidayers are making me rethink my travel time!
4:30 Starbucks flat white time and (yet another) review/rethink of my sharing story
6:00 arrive and spend a few panicked minutes looking for a parking spot at the site of ignite35 (Jimy Macs pub – at first I had doubts about doing pro-d events at a pub, but the ‘off-hours’ nature and casualness (relationships-first) of ignite events make it make sense. A more formal setting would take something away from the personal (almost intimate) nature of sharing these stories – almost like Coles-notes Ted talks. 
6:30 found @jagill (a great guy despite his fondness for Microsoft products 😜) and had a great chat while we both re-re-reviewed our chats and got hugs & shared some stories with so many Twitter peeps that inspire me on a regular basis! @chriswejr and @sdavids51 did a great job emphasizing the importance of the conversations and networks opportunities that nights like this can bring (it worked for me as I’ll be ‘popping’ into a course that @christineyh runs later this fall!)

Chris and Shawn were fabulous at emphasizing that this was supposed to be fun. Teasing and shouts of encouragement are always appreciated!
7:00 the inspiring stories started – Mindy Janzen did a beautiful job emphasizi the importance of connecting with the disconnected – a reminder that there are kids for which forming relationships is very tough – yet they need it the most!

@rondorland encouraged us to ‘run with it’ and “go with the mentality that we are never doing enough” to get learners in control of their learning. Ron is just fabulous. Passio – Respect – Relevance. Nice. 

Yeah. And then I had to follow them…..

@msvictoriaolson then shared the work she’s been doing to empower student voice. The story of Connor and the light sabre laser pointer really helped show that one person really can make a difference. 
And then a 15 minute conversation/mingle break. Having that talk time is invaluable. Both to reflect on what we heard and fire up those speaking next!

8:00 saw Shaen David’s (the 12th man supporting and inspiring so many of us) pushing us to foster inquiry and keep learners curious about….learning! To see challenges as the stuff that makes life interesting. 

And to be real – that was the perfect follow up that @jagill had for us. Authentic learning experiences. Connecting to the community. It just kinda makes sense to blend new stuff with things the learners already ‘know’!

@adrowe then encouraged us to ‘capture wonder through story’ aka:

And consider “what is the medium for ‘our’ message”. Mindfulness matters. 

And the wonderful @tracyacramer shared on one of my passions: the power of eportfolios. We even got to talk about how more and more districts are coming on board to communicating student learning with tools such as @freshgrade. Beautiful work. 

If that wasn’t enough then he second session concluded with @ryan_radford challenging us to geek out. Because being a geek simply means that you are passionate about something. 

Another break with some great chicken wings and dry ribs (there is great value in havi good food at events – ginger ale for me tonight!)

8:45 saw @christineyh take the stage to share how she became edu-stuck (and unstuck) evolving from a classroom teacher to a trustee & getting her district to lead the way with student trustees and to mode, “be bold be brave”. 

The always awesome @teachinginthe21 emphasized doing things with purpose (not just stuff ’cause we have tuh) and reflecting on what we do and why. 

And there was still more! @educ4peace wowed us with her message about Peace. And how learning with a peaceful mindset can. Have a huge impact on all learners!

And the close the night was @mcarlyleycms talking about the global consciousness that experimental learning can lead to. Having had a daughter go to rural China on a @metowe trip definitely brought home the knowledge that today’s youth have an amazing connection to the global world. 
9:30 saw lots of happy goodbyes and promises to keep connects and sharing what we are doing. 
10:30 fuelled up the car and extra caffeine or me

2:00 arrived back at home
Long day – but professional learning like this is totally worth it!!

Can’t wait to get #ignite83 fueled up!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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