Day 7 (of 183) the contrast of wait/think time & upgrade times – with thanks to @mrvaudrey

Day 7 (of 183) the contrast of wait/think time & upgrade times – with thanks to @mrvaudrey​
I was very excited to see that on Twitter Matt Vaudrey was preparing for a #20time blitz “tomorrow” with some neat parameters:

3 hours

One project

No project examples

Anything you want
I have loved the variously named 20% time, passion projects, geniushour etc over the past decade or so since I started my exploration with them. Even blogged & look for links for them on my blog site and encourage others to “embrace the chaos and share/give up controlling the learning” that makes up student focused learning projects.

And I love seeing how different models work out – and to have 3 hours to get going on a project?! Love it!!

But I also know that sometimes “ready set go” can be challenging – to students who have never really had choice in their lives. Other than karate OR soccer after school… but that element of choice goes beyond ‘art projects with any colour you want’ – 20% time embraces the opportunity for kids to do/learn anything they want – and for many it’s the first time.
It always makes me think back to the Calvin & Hobbes comic that kick started my journey into student-owned learning:


Sometimes the element (and best-selling classroom management technique) is time. Wait time to enable thinking and for some, the time needed is more than a few minutes. I wish I did this earlier, but now I’ll prompt questions and thinking days (or weeks) ahead of time with revisits to it to keep ideas rolling around in the back of the brains. It’s also why I’m okay with early days of geniushour have kids “be lazy”. Sometimes time is a resource that is hard to properly express!
That being said – sometimes a quick change is needed & good for us! Thinking back to Matts “3 hours – go!” I can’t help but be excited, especially since iOS 9.0 surprised me by being released today (knew it was coming but….startup is always a little hectic). I was excited to sacrifice my Time and allow for my world to be updated around me.
Because sometimes that quick upgrade/update is awesome! Not just because it’s different but because we know there will be new tweeks that were unexpected and change how we view/use things. We will miss something and embrace others.
It’s not just the device and the classroom getting a change, but more importantly impacting how the user/teacher changes how they work on everything. Whether the #20time blitz is a homerun or a disaster – I’m pretty confident that neither Matt nor his students will be able to see Learning in the same way again!
Let’s continue to upgrade Education 15.9


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