Day one (of 183) starting year 3 of blogging each day of learning 

Day one (of 183) year 3 of blogging each day of learning 

Once more unto the breach dear friends once more;
I took up the seemingly simple challenge awhile ago: blog/reflect on each day of learning. Some days were easy. Others hard. Some very hard. 

But each very valuable. To take the time to reflect and think about what happened during the day and WHY.  Some posts are good. Some…well…I make no mistake in comparing my daily reflections to the well crafted prose of other bloggers, but upon reflection I have some key thoughts about why I will be continuing (and hopefully evolving as a writer/thinker/blogger):
1. My audience. My kids. When I found my dads journal as a masters student I found myself wishing I had more of his thinkings to reflect on. Alas life can be all too short. Whether or not they enter the odyssey known as Education, I do hope they see what I was thinking about. 

My bonus audience – other educators who read with a raised eyebrow (or with an encouraging thumbs up) that help confirm that a key difference for sharing crazy ideas from when my father was principal to now is that it is possible to do just that: share ideas on a daily basis and get inspiration from educators around the world in so many methodologies. 

2. My mission. To improve education. I have hitched my wagon to efolios and strongly feel that “we” are figuring out how to reflect on learning with a methodology that shows so much more than misleading %s can – and showing what students are doing opens a window into how (many) classrooms today are different than a generation (decade/year) ago. And I still hope my daughter grads with an efolio for her university application instead of the transcript that only showed a small part of who I was/am as a learner. 

3. My passion. To raise the awareness of anxiety within learning. My classroom was always a place that “those kids” came to. I did well enough with them that I got one at home – and learned that I can be a dad and I can be a teacher. But I can’t be both – a test in patience and supporting other educators in raisin awareness on how to work with the complex learners working with general anxiety. 

4. My fears. That being very public about who I am as an educator is a good thing. At times I feel my next job will not require an interview because who I am can be found on my Twitter and in this blog. That is both a pro and a con – it can be scary to put oneself “out there” and be open to critique and analysis. But then, what the heck. 

5. My journey as a life long learner. I am thrilled this year to be a Principal-Librarian – blending my first gig (teacher librarian) with my most recent gig (teaching-principal) and making “teacher” fully embedded in both. The journey as a learner never ends but it can sure be fun when opportunities to do some looping present themselves! And for the mistakes I/we make along the way…..I’ve failed before and I’ll fail again – it’s the ‘again’ part that’s important!

Not sure what the future has in store for myself of my learning community or my family, but we’re gonna darn well try to have fun along the way! And for those of you who find yourself reading my words once in awhile – thank you. It is greatly appreciated. And for those who also blog or tweet or Facebook or….well….thank you for sharing your inspiring stories and experiences. 

It truly is an extraordinary time to be an educator. 


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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