SoL 1 (Summer of Learning) Day One at ShortCourse @bcpvpa @ubceduc

SoL (Summer of Learning) Day One at ShortCourse @bcpvpa @ubceduc

There is always a powerful energy on the first day of ShortCourse. A variety of new & newish principals and vice principals coming together at a variety of tables and meeting as strangers and knowing that we have to quickly collaborate as a min-PLC (professional learning community). As this ain’t my first time at this rodeo, I know how exhausting this week will be, so I’m excited to see how we all work together to take on the varied topics of the week!

We started by looking and wondering about: What are the key values/beliefs of a school leader?
Ethics from Liz & Adam
Solidarity Trust Integrity – principals and vice principals automatically have a key ‘secret compact’ with the learning community
Level 1 – pre-conventional morality (punishment/reward)
Level 2 – conventional (perception/authority)
Level 3 – post-conventional (social contract/ethical principles) <—based on actions
The tough decisions – need time for the ones that keep you up at night… right vs right are amongst the toughest
Kidder refers to it as ethical fitness – not a one-off thing, you need to practice it

Some thinking about Ethics Values & Morals

Ethics – pertaining to the study (not the answer) of standards of right and wrong behaviour
Values – that which has intrinsic worth; a principle, standard, or quality that is worthwhile (belief)
Morals – having to do with right and wrong conduct and customs (actions)
Ethical Decision Making: “obedience to the unenforceable” (because it is the right thing to do) vs  “obedience to the enforceable” (because it is the law)
What 5 Values would you have above the door at your school?
Trust Honest Respectful Contribution Thoughtful Collaboration Committed Mindful Tolerant Courage Mastery Belonging Independence
From Group: Honest + Respect = Integrity
Over door – how do we balance personal, school and community feeling (reflection)
Universal Core Values: Compassion Fairness Honest Responsibility Respect
Canadian Core Values: Inclusion Tolerance Civility
Ends-based – utilitarianism: the greatest good for the greatest number (Mill, Bentham)
Rule-based – categorical imperative: I ought never to act except in such a way that I can also will that my maxim should become universal law (Kant)
Care-based – golden rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you
It is not about everyone liking your decisions
It is about people trusting that you have a process
It is being able to articulate what your decision is and how you got to it
It is about your values that consistently underlie your decision
It is about listening to others collaborating and revisiting if necessary
Some great thinking to wind up our first day!!

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