Day 189 (of 188) some Top 5s

Day 189 (of 188) top 5s  (not in any order)

Top 5 hits
  1. My son finally identified some successful self regulation strategies for his anxiety (helped him go to dentist and cope with moving houses!)
  2. Saw some great provincial movement on eportfolios and descriptive formative feedback
  3. Took a risk & missed for another in-district position but was supported to be Pres of our local PVP association!
  4. Expanding my #PLN including retweeted from @yongzhaoUO that got my Supe to pay for me to go to a conference & getting @daisydyerduerr on the presentation list for this Octobers @bcpvpa Connecting Leaders conference!
  5. Being able to balance a strong promotion of technology along with physical literacy, self regulation and strong basic skills (ie reading sight words) not exclusive ideologies!
Top 5 misses
  1. Always feeling ‘a month behind’ and being exhausted, in part because last summer just didn’t feel right (job action right before, during and after) = looking forward to a mental break THIS summer!
  2. Being told that a letter of reference may have helped an application process I applied for (just wait for this follow up!)
  3. My daughter telling me about her T/F MC finals……reflecting what happens in classrooms?
  4. Didn’t get much provincial movement on anxiety – had my rant but I want more for anxiety in education
  5. Single platform discussions. Sigh.
Top 5 things 
  1. Teacher job action resolved so that my oldest will graduate before the next contract debate.
  2. Seeing the awareness of my colleagues looking beyond ‘the usual 3’ for school goals (had a colleague present how his staff looked beyond Language Arts/Numeracy/Social Responsibility and instead focused on the reasons: attendance, mental wellness, physical wellness etc
  3. Having to defend a report that showed about 40% of my population is at risk for mental wellness issues – as high as some ‘higher risk’ schools, but lower discipline rates (how do you suspend someone for self regulation issues when self regulation IS your school goal?)
  4. Having some need twitter connections and then having Face2Face meetings (one of the secret features of asynchronous #PLNs is that it helps enhance when face to face meetings occur
  5. Getting some praise – I’m not good at this, but it did stop me in my tracks when a superintendent came up to me at a conference and said that he had a regret when I was up for a job (many years ago) and they passed on me – would’ve been very interesting since I was offered a job I did take while driving home from that interview! Interesting story that requires a late night!

Top 5 “what I’m looking forward to this summer”

  1. ShortCourse with @bcpvpa at UBC (I get to work with a group of new PVPs for a week at UBC)
  2. Preparing for my @ignite35
  3. Reading – some fiction and nonfiction (to be part of my Summer Of Learning blogs!)
  4. Family time! Mariners, Sounders, traveling together
  5. Moving to a new house with Air Conditioning (been 40/105 today and we move in a few more sleeps!) and being a happier family!!

About technolandy

Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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