Day 188 (of 188) last day with students

Day 188 (of 188) last day with students
Really glad we had our school year end assembly yesterday. It allowed for classrooms to have closure on their own. I like our final assemblies – the thank yous, celebrating retirements and changes of work, but it is busy. It was nice to have today be filled with conversations, activities, bonus class videos/slideshows etc and me being able to finish things off without the bonus pressure of a final performance. 
It actually allowed the final assembly to be about all students (not just celebrating the grade 5s moving on to middle school). That was nice. 
It also allowed my oldest girl to tease me about her (traditional) report card that had %s and little feedback. Even though she is a (very) high achieved, the report tells me little about her learning and growth. In theory comments like ‘top in class’ should make everyone feel good, but for me much like the numbers 100% (in more than one class – one of those learners) leads me to more questions than answers. 
Even my anxiety son (who the older girl refers to as scary smart) has a story that would be better seen via eportfolio – because he is great at learning, but completing traditional tasks ain’t his strong suit. 
And my youngest has her story best summed up by teachers asking me to request them for her teacher next year. 
And that’s why it’s about the kids. At home each of my children are experiencing school very differently even though ‘achievement’ is being reported in a ‘one size fits all’ method. I know I wasn’t happy with how I ended the school year summarizing my students eportfolio with a printout – but I think it’s what our parents need as we all do through this shift into communicating student learning together. 
Last year was hampered by job action and a strike that did not allow closure and kept everyone from having a relaxing summer and not always being able to focus on the students – but I’m pretty confident that we are going to get there – so that every day is about the individual learning journeys of each member of our learning community!
But a great day celebrating the relationships formed over the past learning season and anticipation for what’s coming up next!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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