Day 187 (of 188) one more sleep – hit the music (but not Fireflies)

Day 187 (of 188) one more sleep – hit the music (but not Fireflies)
I pressed play in our Year in Review Video  at our assembly ‘the day before the last day’. And it feels great. No pressure for the final day with students – it’s all “in the can”. 

But…..last night I dealt with the self-stressor of connecting music to the video – and I had a ‘gap’. About two minutes that I needed ‘something’. As per usual I had my kids looking over my shoulder giving me suggestions – but when my youngest went “ooh Fireflies” it was a No! from me. 
I have found that some songs really connect to me with some of my schools – 500 Miles will always remind me of JW Ingles and I think of Beaverly when Moves Like Jagger comes on! But I don’t mind playing those songs – I do mind playing Fireflies by Owl City – that one connects to Carney a little too much. 
That one is unique. It was a song that connected with a learning community that didn’t connect with much….

Instead we found a different bridge (thank you Tay-Tay) and got excited for the song that has finally ‘fit’ Sorrento: Shut Up And Dance With Me – especially since the final scene was one I caught of a teacher retiring after 30+ years dancing unashamedly – a complete hit. It’s nice to finally find a theme song for our school!! And taking away the pressure of the year-end reflection assembly on that last day – priceless. 

Looking forward to now creating a playlist of songs to help ease our learners into summer after our final day together! One more sleep!

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