Day 184 (of 188) I love it when a plan comes together 

Day 184 (of 188) I love it when a plan comes together 

It was a dark and stormy night. Really. And it had many in panic that our fun filled freaky Friday fieldtrip would have to be moved inside. 

Fortunately there was a lot of stress focused on the weather forecast that was unneeded. The storms first wave came and went overnight and the second wave is coming anytime now – but in the middle (ignoring a couple of sun showers) a perfect mix of sun and clouds that led to a great day. 

One backup plan was to show a movie in the afternoon. Not a big fan as they usually tend to bring more customers to my office in a non-productive manner. But many of our relays could (and were) being nicely mirrored. 

  • Our island jumping event (two mats for a team to cross a certain length together) was fabulous on the field but could’ve been done in the gym.
  • Our ‘stealing game’ of having 6 beanbags in front of each team and acting as a relay which team would end up with the most in front of them – they could only take one at a time from another teams bin- could have squeezed into our multipurpose room. 
  • Our egg carry (okay tennis ball on wooden spoons) could’ve squeezed down a hallway. 
  • And our sack races ….. well the library is our best carpeted space but going through an inventory……we woulda come up with something!

And some further backup ideas like ‘sliding a penny down a bench’ were being shared to show that we could easily adapt – even though none o us wanted to….

But postponing was riskier. We had the local park booked for today….didn’t know if anyone else would be there Monday…and our PAC and Lions groups were fully com tree to providing lunch today. Not enough workers on Monday!

But again – the weather cooperated and led to a great structured series of relay events. A fabulous lunch with ice cream. And the. My new favourite:
Unstructured Play Time. Sounds crazy to some, but having access to the parks waterpark, the two playgrounds, the ball diamond and the fields allowed some great playing (and sharing with students of all ages) of:

  1. Baseball (no helmets meant very soft balls)
  2. Lacrosse (mainly ‘how far can we throw it’)
  3. Water park races
  4. Playground fun
  5. Dance to the music (hooked up our stereo to our battery backup for hours of fun)
  6. RC racing (a dad brought a cool car)
  7. Football passing
  8. Frisbees & ultimate
  9. And some made up games for kids who don’t always get the chance to just play. And just play with each other. 

One of days where I get to feel that diversified leadership (not me doing all, though I did end up as DJ Landy at one point as I filtered music requests) and trusting the process. If we needed to go to a plan B (or F) we could and can. Plan for the best but being ready for ‘interesting changes’ to the schedule!

A good way to end our final Friday as a learning community this learning season!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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