Day 183 (of 188) remember: Summer sucks. 

Day 183 (of 188) remember: Summer sucks. 
No more pencils; no more books; no more teachers dirty looks!

Schools ouuut for summer (soon for us)!
But remember – it ain’t all barbecues at the beach and cool drinks on the patio. It’s also Mosquitos, heat stroke and chaos. For some learners the pencils and books are the only consistency they have and all students just invested a great percentage of their lifespan (1 year for a 10 year old is 10%ish of their life!) into a relationship that (often) ends shortly after the summer solstice. 

  • Longer daylight = worse bedtimes and many have shorter sleep times at a time when we are often more active throughout the day
  • Dinners are later, meals are more ‘scavenger-ish’ and so are we fuelling our bodies properly? Mmmm donut break – well earned after such a busy day/stressful meeting/tough lesson/etc
  • Year end ‘celebrations’ are also reminders about what is being left behind……and what waits for them at the end of the final bus ride……change in predictable routines
  • Retirements and changes in jobs (layoffs/bumping/etc) cause uncertain futures for all in learning communities. What will happen ‘next’?
  • There are no more deadlines or days to ‘bump something to’. I am a proponent of flexible deadlines but that end-of-days deadline of June 30 does mark an ‘end’ to so many things (budgets, grade entries, passcode entries…)
  • No more alarm clocks is a fabulous thing, but learners do like structure (even hidden structure) and that idea of “tomorrow is a surprise” is very scary to some

Out for summer; out till fall; we might not go back at all – did you know that the most common time for learners to get hooked into substance misuse (on the way to abuse) is the summers of their grade 6-8 years
Summers. They can be great, but like we so often learn – one size does not fit all. Good luck. 


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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One Response to Day 183 (of 188) remember: Summer sucks. 

  1. mmeharvey says:

    Thanks for this reminder Ian, it’s worrisome to think about our needier kids having zero guidance. Teachers are discouraged from “friending”students on social media, but maybe that philosophy is flawed. A consistent connection would be super helpful for many students during the summer months, especially those in grades 6-8…

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