Day 182 (of 188) dam field trips

Day 182 (of 188) dam field trips

No seriously – visit a dam! Allows for a great way to explore electricity. Usually involves travel (today we blended a visit to a Sky Trek park to do some giant swinging and bungee jumping and a visit to a forestry museum on our 150km trek before we got to the dam) and an opportunity to talk about dam field trips and how …. well, I may have been inspired by

I have coordinated great field trips (the world women’s curling championship was a fabulous event many years ago) and some spectacular “fails” (went to one place but the tour guide was sick and phoned after we left school, walked to local library and found another school already there, tried one art gallery that was waiting for yet another school to arrive, walked across town to the other art gallery and found a volunteer also waiting there because someone else was supposed to open it – got my wife to drop us all off a timbit to re energize as we re plotted our tour, blustering historical facts about the buildings we were passing – our lunch & pool visit was still an hour away – and then passed a pet store. That one of my students parents owned. Asked her to run in and see if we could pop in. Suddenly the best field trip ever!)
It was nice to be the +1 to my partner teachers ambitious plan (yes, her teaching report is ‘pretty good’). Well planned as a way to celebrate the end to our year with these students before they head off to middle school and I have to admit we have been very impressed by their behaviour on this 12 hour adventure. 
Do I like field trips? Nope. Lots of chances for problems and chaos. But I do like to embrace chaos now and then and show that learning can take place in non-traditional locations (aka outside of the classroom). I’ve lucked into some great trips because I don’t often say ‘no’ to free opportunities! So while I don’t ‘like’ field trips I certainly appreciate them and am happy when we are all exhausted at the end of a good day. 
My only disappointment might be that this will be one of the rare times that we won’t be late….(writing this as we finish our dinner session)….usually I’m a good 15-30 minutes (some parents would look at me funny and perhaps say that was an underestimation) late 
Don’t be afraid if things don’t go perfectly according to plan, some of the best learning occurs when you get to see students handle change and pressure. Like the giant swing. Thought some would opt out – instead they opted into exploring more things that would make their moms a little nervous! 


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