Day 176 (of 188) the distracted principal 

Day 176 (of 188) the distracted principal 
Sometimes the hardest thing to do this time of year is give someone your full attention. But it’s also the most Important time to mindfully be present when someone asks for ‘a minute of your time”

Because even though there are a million things on the go (stage setup, assembly prep, transition meetings, phone calls about sinkholes, emails about transfers) each item and each individual deserves your full presence. 

The staffmember who was ‘bumped’ I to a different position at another school – neither of us are happy about it but as it is more hours (weird to be forced into a position with an increase in hours – but it happened) but at least we can agree to be content about it. 

There are always a hundred pulls – but each pull is connected to an individual and education is (it has to be) a people ‘business’. Every conversation needs full attention. I would rather excuse myself and explain why I am postponing a chat rather than just pay lip service to listening (uh huh uh huh) and be able to provide an active listening experience. Because each person matters. Each person deserves a focused principal. Even if it takes more time. Maybe that should read: especially if it takes more time. 

Only in jest should we say that distractions are okay excuses and that the most important thing is Oooh! a squirrel!


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