Day 174 (of 188) shifting curriculum vs accountability tests

Day 174 (of 188) shifting curriculum vs accountability tests
Had a chance to catch up with a friend who I started my career with in rural BC. As usual part of our conversation shifted to education – and specifically the shift of BC curriculum and our “accountability tests: the FSAs

And specifically the mismatch between what ‘has’ been taught via our curriculum guides and what is/will be covered via the new bcedplan. With a greater emphasis on personalization and reaching learners where they are (ie a boy heavy class in my school got to work on machines and tools earlier than ‘prescribed’ because it was what they needed). How to create a provincial standardized test that measures individual learning journeys?
Then there are also the core competencies that “we” are applying greater and greater value to – such as creativity. I was on a committee that gave feedback to a ministry that wanted us to be able to create tasks and starts men’s that would go: “by grade two a stude will show creativity by _____task___”. 
We laughed
Competencies aren’t measurable by singular tasks that arrive at an easily misunderstood % ranking. A recent image from the twitterverse nicely “summed” up creativity as:

Nothin simple about it. But if it was simple…..why would we bother?
Our conversation led to some more discussions around our final-years learners (grades 10-12) and wondering: are common-final-exams really the best way that we have come up with summatively evaluating learning? We didn’t think so. It also tied in with an interesting article I stumbled upon:


Accountability on a standardized test….one size fits all mindsets… we really want all learners on Tuesday October 19th to be working on the same page of a math resource?  I firmly believe we can and should be doing different….doing better for each learner.  
And as for inspiring competencies such as creativity….start here:


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