Day 164 (of 188) observing the observer

Day 164 (of 188) observing the observer
Friday I was being watched. 
Not by a supervisor but by one of my teachers and a Mentorship partner she is working with. It was a good reminder to me of what the teachers I observe (for reports sometimes go through). 
A little bit of stress worried about how the class dynamics may change. What the debriefing will go like. And of course being hyper aware of what I am doing (and why). 
The session went well – which is good since the mentor partner was looking for strategies to use with ‘challenging class groupings’ and I was trying to model two of my key strategies:
I(it always seems longer for the adult than it really is – I usually count to a number 30-45-60) including just stopping and waiting when students are moving around the class. I promote movement in the classroom, except during times when four/attention is needed – but then I’m patient and willing to wait. 
PreLoading content. I was introducing g California Kickball since the weather is so good, but before going out we looked at the different positions everyone would have, clarified that everyone would have a chance to bat/kick and that each person got to pitch/roll. Got rid of a lot of Qs on the fly. And the. To pick teams I used one of my faves: everyone gives one shoe and I blindly (no cheating even by me) throw shoes into two areas to create fandom teams. Sometimes friends together sometimes not – but never ‘forever’. 
It was neat hearing some great feedback on what my observers saw and were able to take away. As I teased “see, I can teach!” Because how often is a teaching principal able to be watches!? It made me think more about he feedback I need to provide my partner teacher as I observe and report on her – and a good reminder of what it feels like to be watched while teaching!


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