Teaching is More Than Just a Degree – It is a Profession

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Last night, several members of Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee voted poorly on many issues related to K-12 public education. To me, the most shocking was the decision that “essentially eliminates teacher licensing standards by allowing public and private schools to hire anyone to teach, even those without a bachelor’s degree”.

There are lots of occupations out there that do not demand a bachelor’s degree, including Governor of Wisconsin. But teaching shouldn’t be one of them.

I should know. I was a classroom teacher for eight years, and a school principal for just as long. Teaching is an incredibly complex and challenging craft. In my estimation, it requires an individual to become very good at teaching at least three years of classroom experiencebeyondtheir completed college experience. The foundational learning that occurs in undergraduate courses and student teaching is only the beginning. It truly is a profession that one learns as…

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