Day 162 (of 188) descriptive feedback – nicely articulated by @justintarte

Day 162 (of 188) descriptive feedback – nicely articulated by @justintarte

Good work! = done

7/10 = good ’nuff

A Keep up the good work

72% Try Harder

A variety of summative statement around learning that are often used, but not always providing the intended feedback. Checkmarks may make some learners content, but it doesn’t help them with “what’s next” – and the more and more I spend time with students, the better I feel about my mindshft almost a decade ago to do more descriptive feedback.

Not easy to give up checkmarks and X’s, %s and letter grades – not easy for me, my students or their parents. But very liberating. Because (as I constantly remind my young writers) details matter. Feedback is one thing, descriptive feedback is….more. More relavent, more meaningful, more personal. A score on a test is one thing, understanding what they got wrong and why is more helpful. A key reason why I have enjoyed #sblchat on Wednesdays at 6pm pacific time.

While I was trying to explain some of my thinking in 140 characters or less, another in my PLN came through with a perfect example at just the right time:

Via @justintarte: Be specific w feedback; avoid,’your speech was great’ -say ‘the energy & eye contact in your speech were great

Simple and straightforward – two stars (and a wish if there were another 20 characters in the twitter sphere)  is a great way to get into descriptive feedback. Specific and meaningful for continued growth! Seems great, but like many mindshifts – can be trickier in practice! Try it –  try using descriptive feedback only and leave the % /10 X’s etc off the page and see how your learning community responds!

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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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