Day 157 (of 188) I don’t practice what I preach when it comes to sick days :-(

Day 157 (of 188) I don’t practice what I preach when it comes to sick days 😦

Not so sick I needed to stay home, but sick enough that others noticed…..the hacking cough may have been a giveaway.

Yet I am a strong supporter of others taking a day when necessary.
But as principal sometimes it gets ‘tricky’ to be away sick – we currently need to bring in a POC (Principal on Call) to balance the teaching/admin work – next year our teachers will be compensated to be TICs (Teachers In Charge) to be released from their classroom and get some ‘big chair’ experience (a poor metaphor since I use a standing desk, but there’s still a few stigmas about ‘the principals office’ that I’m working to dispel)

But I coulda called it in. Should’ve I? That would’ve meant a change of our staff meeting (and with busy lives, it can be hard to bring everyone together to discuss things on the best of times!) and we needed to do some tweaking to our Spring/Summer Concert times (conflict with our feeder school).




I know that there’s always things to do – and always things that can be done. But sometimes maybe I do need to practice what I preach and take a day when the coughing gets a little rougher (and truth be told, I will follow my 24 hour rule when it comes to ‘escalated illness’ aka reverse peristalsis) …. but sometimes it feels easier to just be with the kids…. but again:

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 6.56.50 PM


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