Day 151 (of 188) Star Wars & #geniushour – yep there’s a connection!

Day 151 (of 188) Star Wars & #geniushour – yep there’s a connection!

May the Fourth (be with you) – unofficially but widely recognized Star Wars Day. A day to have fun – I like to introduce Forces (not to be confused with be THE force) to their simple machine study (aka Rube Goldberg machines) but also a little bit more…
I like to share how the Star Wars movie(s) are a great example of geniushour. A passion project that can still be worked on even when it’s ‘done’. 
I shared some scenes of the 1977 original and the ‘special edition’ that came out 20 years later. And we saw how ‘good enough’ sometimes isn’t enough for a passion project. 
We also talked about ‘why’ to make ‘enhancements’ – as a way to make the audience experience better through sights and sounds. To consider who might be hearing about and influenced by learnings/creations done during this self-directed time. 
It was a valuable pause & reflect time – especially as we saw how ‘one film’ led to 5 more, two more already in development, several animated series and of course the Wookie Christmas special! Passion projects never truely have a due date!
And of course the definitive way to view the movies (so far) is:

Episode IV a new hope

Episode V empire

Then Episodes I – III as a flashback

Then Episode VI Jedi 
With honourable mention to Blue Harvest – the Family Guy tribute – gotta love it to tease as they did!


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