Day 145 (of 188) reflection on school & personal goals

Day 145 (of 188) reflection on school & personal goals

Our school districts final professional development day is a blend of School Growth Plan discussions/decisions and the actual Pro-D.
This year is a tougher one as we have to make some interesting decisions based on budget cuts impacting the entire school district and not knowing until the next board meeting what the cuts actually will be and how they will impact us as a school – and even my own personal goals.
Out school goals are expanding. We have been taking on Anxiety & Self Regulation three months after I arrived at the school. We have also been trying to enhance our use of technology by focusing on Communicating Student Learning using eportfolios.
We are embracing our school district goal that is connected to student wellness: district: Enhancing student engagement by improving student wellness – we will attempt this by sharing the social-emotional functioning/development/maturity of students via eportofolio
Our literacy (new) goal and how it connects to our district goal is: district: Improving the life trajectory of each student by ensuring they read and write at grade level)
school: putting in early interventions focused on guiding reading at the primary levels
We are also going to embrace our ongoing school goal of communicating student learning by focusing on sharing both the engaged elements of learning as well as strengths & areas for growth in Reading Writing Numeracy
I also thought that much of this year hadn’t led me to approaching my goals – but on review…didn’t do too bad (my personal growth plan is part of my  blog site:
1. ePortfolios: to have more schools/classrooms using eportfolios to communicate student learning and move beyond reporting student achievement on tasks. And based on the phone calls emails and tweets I get/see each week – there is some amazing work being done. And I’m looking forward to going back to my alma mater and share our journey at a little conference next weekend.
2. Anxiety: I was hoping to do more work getting some provincial people together to form a better outreach program to support schools in finding ways to better support learners dealing with anxiety (strategies that also support learners with stress, depression etc). We didn’t get going yet – but it’s also not being forgotten.
3. Tech: Moving from a desktop mindset to mobile. Looks like our district tech plan is getting us to laptops – I was aiming for tablets. But this does mirror the shift I went through ten years ago in another district as it is a big mindshift to go from desktop labs to devices-in-classrooms/learning spaces.
I do like having growth plans, both for the school and myself, that are living documents – they can be edited, altered and improved as time goes on. As long as there is also some reflection going on with the changing/resetting of moving targets! One eye on the future, one acknowledging the past!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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