Day 141 (of 188) #geniushour checkin

Day 141 (of 188) #geniushour checkin

Today our class was visited by a middle school teacher who was curious about geniushour. It’s becoming a trickier thing to share about because it’s been part of my practice for ten years. Started as “passion time” and evolved into #geniushour.
With some good Qs:

How do you introduce it?

In my case, I often reference a Calvin & Hobbes comic:

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.57.30 PM

Providing an hour a week for students to learn about anything they want. But that’s trickier each year – I find more and more learners u sure about what they really want to learn.

How do you track it?

This changes depending on my class – but as we are getting ready for our conclusion (I’m hoping for three-minute miniTed Talks) we are doing regular checkins  with guiding questions such as:

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.56.40 PM

And also some key reminders:

– I do geniushour to start the week to enable some specific learners to show me how their weekend was

– I anticipate and appreciate the ‘steps back’ that occur – sometimes learners explore topics that they think they are interested in only to learn that they were intrigued because someone else liked it…

– I’m good with restarts. Knowing what you don’t want to explore as a passion is as valuable as learning what you do want to spend untold hours on!

– I’m 10 years in – and I still remember and expect ‘the implement dip’ – there will be moments of chaos and “this ain’t working” on the journey – I’m now good with ‘trusting the process’ to see learning take place at different rates, speeds and times.

In no way is #geniushour a “finished product”. It changes year after year. It is both personal and collaborative. I’ve been amazed by some projects and rarely disappointed (at this time at the end of a long monday I can’t recall any but…) and love sharing many stories – but my favourite may have been one student last year who spent a lot of time researching something he always wanted to, but never had the opportunity: dinosaurs.


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