Day 140 (of 188) thinking about resources (specifically texts) thanks a bit to @jmattmiller

Day 140 (of 188) thinking about resources (specifically texts) thanks a bit to @jmattmiller

I love the title (and am looking at getting my hands on a copy) of “Ditch That Textbook” by Matt Miller – @jmattmiller – the title alone resonated with what I remember when I was in high school when my science teachers confessed that there were errors in the textbooks we relied on AND an admission that what we were learning about as “facts” would likely (and indeed were) proven to be “different” within a few years.

Probably a key reason I never relied on ‘a’ textbook – I like stories and exemplars from some, nonfiction elements of others (love the mixed media within the old Eyewitness series).

But then I also stumbled upon a picture that just made me pause a little more – a bit because it came shortly after a discussion with a teacher over a reading assessment using the term “May I” and the awareness we had that most of our students only know “May” as a month – not out of a lack of being polite, but as an evolution of using words/permissions differently. But…

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 10.26.22 PM

A good question – if students failed on assessments that required them to know facts that were later proven to be incorrect….did they in fact fail? Something to be mindful of whenever selecting “a” text for any subject!


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