Day 125 (of 188) wow…just….wow – my daughters socials 9 “project”

Day 125 (of 188) wow…just….wow – my daughters socials 9 “project”


ometimes learning for the sake of learning matters. I knew my daughter was working hard on a project about the English Civil War – a composition of theme songs for the various “moments” – my personal favourite is entitled Charles II (again), as my daughter put it “he came back – what else would I call it?”.

I knew she was working on garageband but only when I helped import it to burn onto a CD  (differentiating to meet her teacher “where he is”) did I realize how well thought out her original compositions (each around 2 1/2 minutes in length) were. Titles are simple: James I; Civil War; Trial of the King; Oliver Cromwell; Mary & William of Orange – but as a once-upon-a-time socials teacher, I get what she is doing.

But to create original compositions is not something I would have thought of…it became much more involving as she tried to change the music blends to fit the theme of what was happening (without lyrics at this point).

I ended up joking with a few of my colleagues saying “it’s probably only worth 20 marks or something like that”. Tonight she confirmed – /20.

This is definitely a reason why I have shifted my practice to eportfolios…..I’m not as sure as I once was about how to communicate/report work like this. There’s so much more to it than my estimated 19/20 “score” that she will receive…..and yet I also fear a 22/20 for ‘bonus’ marks – but that’s a different rant (supported by AFL guru Ken O’Connor)

I was going to upload them – but I am not (yet) a premium member….might need to upgrade. In the meantime:

And of course now that she knows what I was up to she’s griping that I picked an ‘okay’ one……and then she showed me her write ups for each track…..

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