Day 123 (of 188) exhaustion aka just one more thing -inspired by @vwoelders & @lily_cunningham & @brenebrown

Day 123 (of 188) exhaustion aka just one more thing -inspired by @vwoelders & @lily_cunningham & @brenebrown

Following a series of tweets on eportfolios – specifically getting them started – one of the participants sent an article about “Exhaustion is not a status symbol”

An interview by Lily Cunningham on a new book by Brene Brown “Daring Greatly” – with some good thinking points raised: “one project done? Great here’s another”; corrective feedback; exhaustion & more. 

As a proponent of 24/7 learning I struggle with the element of time – in part because I’m good with “being available” for my learning community. I appreciate the benefits of asynchronous communication – but I value my “time away”…..when I get it (difficult with three kids at home!) but the 24/7 mindset is what led me to eportfolios to communicat learning where & whenever it occurs – with descriptive – not corrective – feedback (something I will ponder deeply as I prepare for two teacher “evaluations”. I’m good with being busy, but I’m not good at being exhausted (for too long anyway). 

But a big part of who I am as an educational leader is around “modelling”. I want my staff (specifically) to know they can email/text/phone when something is “up” – knowing that if I can (and if it’s needed) I will respond ASAP – but if I can’t then something is up with me and my Time….and if it is, they respect it. There is great power in ‘being available – even when you’re not’. 

I also hate “crazy busy” times – which again why I like eportfolios – and I do have a few that are sweating about having some additions to their students eportfolios prior to our two week spring break – but the pressure is put on by themselves – I am still promoting the “lack of formal deadlines” that eportfolios can enable – learning is “done” when the teacher & students say it’s done, not by a calendar in the office. (Well – that June 30 one is a pretty tough one to budge…..for now….)

As principal, I try not to add to many “one more thing” items without taking something “off”. With support of our school district central staff, in taking on an eportfolio pilot project we got to take “off” report cards. When I put ipads in my teachers hands, my hope was that they would “play” with them and set a direction for their use that met their needs (“their” meaning them and their students). I know we are already very (too) busy and time is a very precious commodity – especially with so many “new” things coming (curriculum, inquiry projects, initiatives, etc etc etc)

In thinking more about the article, I think I like to model what “can” be done, but not “what has to be done”. Complex simplicity as we go on collaboratively personalizing the educational experiences of our entire leaning community. Hey, if it was easy everybody would do it!!

Thanks for the interview and the sharing of the article!


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