Day 115 (of 188) Pink Day

Day 115 (of 188) Pink Day

First the background:

Why I like it: a good visual image to bring awareness to unwanted, repeated attention that is focused on power (having or lacking it) aka “bullying”. 

Why I don’t like it: “bullying” as a term of referenced is/has become overused: for me there is a difference between a repeated pattern of behaviour vs just plain rudeness. Sometimes the “bully” isn’t even aware that their behaviour is being interpreted in that way. 

Contradictory? Having people who do behave as bullies (knowingly or not) wear pink to show that they are in support of anti-bullying strategies?

Even worse: what about those that don’t wear pink…..?

I appreciate having a good anchor day – sometimes it’s subtle sometimes not – but always a good time to talk about an important issue whether kids are bullied, the bully or bystanders – we can all help make things better. 

And of course, a photo from the archives:

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