Day 114 (of 188) active watching/looking/seeing

Day 114 (of 188) active watching/looking/seeing

We talk about active listening & hearing vs listening. But we don’t often talk about watching vs looking vs seeing. Today during our “morning play” (after a basketball mini lesson) I started thinking about vision – literal not metaphorical dream-goals. 

This came to me mainly because I was trying to watch if a student was still struggling today, looking at a human pyramid being built and still see that everyone was safe (or at least safe-ish as we had free play in the gym). 
I’ve been to sessions on hearing vs listening and even used my active-listening skills a couple times with my parents – but I’ve never heard of a watching/seeing/looking session – but I’m starting to think it might be important to be just as mindful about how we use our eyes as we use our ears!
I’m don’t know if I have the answers but I know I:
watch for specifics,
look for generalities,
and sometimes I see what I want to see…..
I often mention to parents who bring up “new” things (like bullying on the playground, theft from lunches etc) and I thank them for helping us better know what to look for (general issue) and what/who we want to watch (specific person/are) and I can see that there may be a problem (but then again there might not be)….
Lots of work has been done on awareness of “active listening”
Maybe next we practice and look into “active watching”

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