Day 109 (of 188) the best words I’ve heard -thinking of @bethhill2829

Day 109 (of 188) the best words I’ve heard -thinking of @bethhill2829

Arkansas principal @bethhill2829 raised the idea of ‘the most dangerous phrase in education’ in a recent blog:

But recently I heard a powerful phrase around our lunch/staff table – in paraphrase: “we need to get over our insecurities because they are ALL our kids”.

I wanted to do a happy dance.

Our school has been aligned to ‘take on’ anxiety – we are using many self-regulation strategies; physical literacy; play-focused strategies; and continue to learn more and do better.

But that statement was powerful: they are ALL our kids. And the discussion reinforced that: relationships with students shouldn’t end just because June turns into September. An incident on the field shouldn’t have to be sent to the office of an understanding/knowledge of the student is there – and just as important, if a child is not “known” then we don’t make assumptions other than “there’s probably more to the story”.

It’s not about ‘sticking our noses into other classrooms’ and its not getting involved with ‘someone else’s learners’. They are all our learners. It’s not about teacher autonomy or styles, it’ much bigger than that – it’s sharing our knowledge of who our kids ‘are’.

As principal I am thrilled that our learning community has reached this point. I heard @hargreavesbc refer to this type of learning community but I wasn’t sure I would be part of one because it wasn’t “me” declaring it, “we” were – and that’s pretty powerful.


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One Response to Day 109 (of 188) the best words I’ve heard -thinking of @bethhill2829

  1. Jenn says:

    How wonderful to hear that the children in our community are being embraced by the entire staff at Sorrento Elementary – I feel like our community in general, does a great job in doing the same!

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