Day 92 (of 188) the phone call from the principals office…

Day 92 (of 188) the phone call from the principals office…

Today I had to make a lot of phone calls home to communicate the change of the date of our PALS program (Parents As Literacy Supporters)

… our kindergarten families.

And in each call I could hear a tremor in their voice…it was “the” call from “the office” – and I could sense some worry….

Now, while I do need to make some phone calls about some … “issues” … And I always call when heads are hit… But the majority of times I find myself opening with:

“Hi, it’s Ian from the school (then very quickly) everything is fine with _____”

With my Kindy parents, I was surprised how many said “thank you” for clarifying that everything was fine with their child. It was a good reminder that there is still tension when ‘the principal is phoning home’ – I’m doing what I can to take away the ancient fears of ‘going to the principals office’….is it too cheesy to say I want to put the PAL into princiPAL?….yeah…too cheesy…

Just another change to the ‘traditional view of schools’ – sorry to those who yearn for ‘the good old days’.


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